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T5557 ISO Cards, Clamshell cards, Keyfobs and Tags are available in HID format programmed to site code and number range, EM format, etc

T5557 cards are ideal for logistic automation, industrial transponder, access control, time attendance and RFID locks.

- Contactless read/write data transmission
- Radio frenquency f(RF) from 100kHZ to 150kHZ
- e5550 binary compatible or t5557 extended mode
- Small size, configurable for ISO/UEC 11784/785 compatiblility
- 75 pF On-chip resonant capacitor (mask option)
- 7 x 32-bit EEPROM data memory including 32-bit password
- Separate 64-bit memory for traceability data
- 32-bit configuration register in EEPROM to setup.

We manufacture:

- Blank ISO Cards
- Pre-printerd Cards
- Clamshell Cards
- Keyfobs
- Dots and Tags
- Labels

We also customized products based on client's requirement.

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