Card Categories

Proximity Dots

Disc Tag XX
Disc Tag 301
Dia. 30mm
Epoxy Dots
Eproxy Tags
Size: 39x35x5mm
Size: 30*50mm
PVC Tags
Size: 59x28x8.5mm
Disc Tag 302
Tag501_Metal Surface
Dia. 30, 50mm
Dia. 50mm
Clear Disc
Size: 22x0.64mm

IC available at 125KHz

Hitag S
EM4100, H4100, TK28
EM4102, H4102
EM4150, EM4350
EM4550, H4550
USB Output Readers
Serial Output Readers
Wiegand Output Readers
Mifare Cards
Dual Technology Cards
Custom Keyfobs

We custom keyfobs to meet your requirement by creating new mould for your ideal Shape, Color, Text, and Logo.

With existing shapes, you can determine colour and choose Laser, Engrave, or Jetprint for your text, logo and other information on Keyfobs.

Different Chips are available for Keyfobs.

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