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Mifare Readers

Mifare Readers include desktop, wall mounted, with USBúČSerial or Wiegand output for commerical applications. Mifare card programmer encodes cards.

Customized Readers and Reader / Writer are available to meet your requirements. Normally it only takes a couple of weeks for us to get customized samples ready for you to test.


Plug & Play, USB interface


USB interface reader, plug & play, read CSN only (read Mifare card's unique serial number), 10 digits decimal output.

USB interface, Sector configurable



Read Mifare 1k Card Sector Information, configureable. Need to install USB driver when first time plug to USB port.


Custom to meet your requirement

Wiegand output


Wall mounted Indoor / Outdoor, Wiegand output,available as a 26/32/34/40 bit CSN reader and can also be customer-secured sector reader .
Custom to meet your requirement

USB interface, Reader / Writer


Available as a reader / writer and can also be programmer.
Custom to meet your requirement

Mifare Programmer


Mifare Card Programmer with RS232 interface, including software.

Desfire Reader, Wiegand output


DESfire Card Reader , Wiegand output, Read the Application Documents of Mifare Desfire Card High Security Performance Through Triple DES Encryption
Also read the Sector Data of Mifare 1k card
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