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EM4450/EM4550 Cards, Keyfobs and Tags

EM4450/EM4550 is ideal for Ticketing, Automotive Immobilizer with rolling code, High Security Hands Free Access Control, Industrial automation with portable database, Manufacturing automation, and Prepayment Devices

- 1 KBit of EEPROM organized in 32 words of 32 bits
- 32 bit Device Serial Number (Read Only Laser ROM)
- 32 bit Device Identification (Read Only Laser ROM)
- Power-On-Reset sequence
- Power Check for EEPROM write operation
- User defined Read Memory Area at Power On
- User defined Write Inhibited Memory Area
- User defined Read Protected Memory Area
- Data Transmission performed by Amplitude Modulation
- Two Data Rate Options 2 KBd (Opt64) or 4 KBd (Opt32)
- Bit Period = 64 or 32 periods of field frequency
- 170 pF 2% on chip Resonant Capacitor
- -40 to +85C Temperature range
- 100 to 150 kHz Field Frequency range
- On chip Rectifier and Voltage Limiter
- No external supply buffer capacitance needed due to
low power consumption

Products are:

- Blank Cards
- Pre-printerd Cards
- Clamshell Cards
- Keyfobs
- Dots and Tags
- Labels


Custom products are avaialble on client's requirement.


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