Card Categories


Proximity Readers

Proximity Readers include desktop, wall mounted, with USBúČSerial or Wiegand output for commerical applications. Mifare card programmer encodes cards.

Customized Readers and Reader / Writer are available to meet your requirements. Normally it only takes a couple of weeks for us to get customized samples ready for you to test.


Plug & Play, USB interface


USB interface reader, plug & play, read cards such as EM / Mifare / ISO15693 type cards, 10 digits decimal output or ARA output.

Plug & Play, USB interface



USB interface reader, plug & play, read EM cards, 26 bits wiegand proximity number output.

Wiegand output


Wall mounted Indoor / Outdoor, Wiegand output,available as a 26/32/34/40 bit CSN reader and can also be customer-secured sector reader .
Custom to meet your requirement

USB interface, Reader / Writer


Available as a reader / writer and can also be programmer.
Custom to meet your requirement

Mifare Programmer


Mifare Card Programmer with RS232 interface, including software.

Desfire Reader, Wiegand output


DESfire Card Reader , Wiegand output, Read the Application Documents of Mifare Desfire Card High Security Performance Through Triple DES Encryption
Also read the Sector Data of Mifare 1k card
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